12-mile market

20150607_152153Last weekend, on the way back from a great camping getaway, I had the chance to stop by the 12-Mile Market. This gem is outside of Troy, ID and I had a lovely chat with Margo Kay and her business partner, Penny. Margo invited me right into her kitchen, where I had the pleasure of watching her expertly put together a beautiful cherry pie, using frozen cherries from her farm. In itself, this was a perfect expression of Margo’s enthusiasm and commitment, not just to producing local food, but bringing it all full-circle to the kitchen.

Margo in her kitchen

A series of unexpected life events led Margo to invest in her dream of having her own small farm. As passionate locavores, interested in contributing to the community food system; Margo and Penny worked hard for four years to build their farm store, representing both of their neighboring farms, from the ground up. 12-Mile Market first opened in 2014, and has already overcome some regulation barriers after which they are now back on track, and selling USDA certified products. Margo and Penny have lots of great local stuff, including eggs, delicious raw goat milk, beef, lamb, chicken and even yarn. All of this yummy produce is available throughout the year at their stand, on weekends from 10-4. Both Penny and Margo pride themselves in how clean their products are, from farm practices to handling in their store. For more information 12-Mile Market has both a website and a Facebook page.

I just love chicken tractors – don’t you?
How many farmstands have looms in them?

At the end of our conversation, Margo expressed her appreciation of those who make the trip to visit her farm and support what they are doing. Both Penny and Margo are excited about the whole food cycle from farm to fork and it was great to visit with them about everything from regulations to fiber and recipes.

Penny working in the Farm Store

We bought a few goodies while we were there – including goat milk that went into some yummy gluten-free corn muffins as an experiment, to see if I could get some respite from my dairy-free status. We also grilled up some beef kabobs with meat from Penny’s cows, for a summertime dinner-on-the-porch – YUM!

Have you been to 12-Mile Market? Have you tried good raw goat milk? Do you love lamb and fiber and just haven’t found where to get it here on the Palouse? Let us know in the comments!

Always with gratitude- especially to Shane McFarland for helping to clean up the messes I make!


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