Hodapps Berry & Dairy

This week was the grand opening of Hodapps Berry and Dairy in Lewiston.  Conveniently located at the bottom of the Old Spiral Highway and only 35 minutes from Moscow, visiting the farm was a great Saturday outing.  When we got to the farm, we were met by farmer Greg Hodapp and his enthusiastic canine sidekick, Solomon.

Hodapps Farm 4-2018 (24)
Farmer, Greg Hodapp, writing up our sales receipt.

After perusing the products available in his old tractor trailer turned ADA accessible farm stand, we took a leisurely walk around the farm and introduced ourselves to the chickens, geese and goats.


Hodapp’s focus is on providing wholesome and home made products fresh from the farm.  Greg operates his raw milk goat dairy under the Idaho Small Herd Exemption.  His Nubian and La Manchas goats enjoy free access to green pastures and produce milk so sweet that my 12-year old daughter declares it is the best milk she has ever tasted.

We left the farm will our arms filled with fresh sage and black pepper chevre, goose eggs, fresh goat milk and apple cider syrup – which is great drizzled over chevre and served on a rice cracker!  Can’t wait to go back to Hodapps Berry & Dairy in May to pick strawberries!

Hodapps Berry & Dairy is spring hours are Thursday, 10:00 am to 5:30 pm and Friday and Saturday 8:00 am to 5:30 pm.


Sign at the top of the driveway to the farm.



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